Aadi Festivals

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This festival is special for various Ammans and a month long festival during month in tamil calendar, begins on July 15th to August 15th. Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays of this month are considered very auspicious. Aadi Pooram festival celebrated Tamil Nadu, Some part of Kerala, Karnataka(Bangalore) and Andra Pradesh in India. Aadi pooram is celebrated on the day of Puram nakshatram in aadi Masam(Month). This festival is also celebrated as andal Jayanthi, Birthday of Andal Amman who is believed as the incarnation of goddess Sakthi Devi.

Women offer special pujas to amman during aadi month. Unmarried women offer worship to the goddess to seek blessings to get good husband and to bear children. And, Marriage women pray to the goddess for marital bliss and longer life of their husbands.

SWorshipping the Goddess during this time can relief an individual from negative elements & blesses with material gains, harmony in marital relationships and success in marriage planning.

The form of shrine in all three temples are identical and it is more auspicious if possible to visit these temples on a full moon day which falls on a friday.

Ichchaa Sakthi (Thiruvudai Amman) -The Sakthi who will fulfill devotees wishes.

Gnaana Sakthi (Vadivudai Amman) - The Sakthi who will bless us with knowledge.

Kriyaa Sakthi (Kodiyidai Amman) - The Sakthi who assists us in all our actions and attempts.

Other Famous Amman Temples:-

Mariamman Temple - Samayapuram, Trichy

Vekaliamman Temple - Woriyur, Trichy

Durgaiamman Temple - Patteeswaram, Thanjavur

Mundakani Amman Temple - Chennai

Bhavani Amman (Periyapalayathamman)Temple - Chennai

Vadivudai Amman Temple - Gnaana Sakthi - Tiruvotriyur, Chennai

Thiruvudai Amman Temple - Ichchaa Sakthi - Meloor, Chennai

Kodiyidai Amman Temple - Kriyaa Sakthi - Thirumulaivoil , Chennai