Manikka Vinayakar with Mattuvar Kuzhali Thyumana swamy

This was built during the Vijayanagar Empire by Vishvanatha nayaka. The importance of this rockfort temple is that, it is the oldest sediment fossil rock than the rocks of Greenland and great Himalayas. Archeologists say that the age of his rock is about 3800 million years. There are 300 steps laid of rock to reach the top. The stone carving seen here and engraved letters are dated to 3rd century B.C. on the top of this at its peak a temple iscalled as uchipillayar koil is found.From that place one can have a hawk’s view and can seen the entire town down.

In the ROCKFORT there are two Vinayakar temples at the underneath of the rock MANIKKAVINAYAGAR temple and at the peak of the rock UCCHIPILLAIYAR temple. In the middle of this mountain a shiva temple is seen. The deity is Lord shiva in the name “Mathrubutheswara” or “Thayumanavar swamy” underneath this siva temple two pallava caves are seen with extrinsic sculptures of ancient tamilnadu belonging to 6th and 7th centuries. At the basement of this Rockfort temple the temple tank called Teppakulam is seen. The house near that tank was the place of residence of Robert clive during the British rule. The place is entirely a wealth of beautiful sculptures and marvelous carvings. A museum is also there which is kept open all the days from 8 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 3 pm.


At the very entrance, at the foot of the Rock, we can see the Lord Manikka Vinayakar seated in all his majesty, ready to confer his blessings upon his Devotees. It looks as if nobody can reach the Temple of Lord Thayumanavar or Ucchipillaiyaar, without first worshipping him and obtaining his blessings. The spacious hall on the western side contains pictures and carvings of Vinayaka in different names and postures.

The circular Pyramid like structure on the top of this small temple, VIMANAM as it is called, is recently gold plated and adds to the general solemnity and loveliness. Archanas are performed throughout the day .Abishekams are performed twice a day and processions of the god round the temple are conducted on Chathurthi Days. To sum up in one word, Manikka vinayakar is the Patron deity of the Town.


Lord - Thayumana Swamy

Lordess - Mattuvar Kuzhali

Holy Water - Cauvery, Soma Rogani

Holy Tree - Vilvam

Agama - Kamiga Agama

The holy shrines of Lord Shiva sung in holy Tamil Compositions are 274 in number. Tiruchirapalli is one among them. It is on the banks of river Cauvery. Appar and Thirugnana sambandar has sung this deity in Thevaram. This temple’s presiding deity Lord ‘Thayumanavar’ (Chevanthinathar) is a self manifest Linga. It is the Fourth biggest Sivalinga in Tamil Nadu. The Godess here is ‘Mattuvar Kuzhal Ammai’ which means the long haired goddess wearing a garland of flowers imbued with honey . The temple is one among the few temples facing west.


There is separately shrine for Godess Mahalakshmi and Annapurani and including all Bairavar, Durgai, 63 Nayanmars, also in this temple , and separate shrine there for Ganapathy and Arumugakadavul Murga, Meenakshi ,Sunderaswarar, and Navagraham, Bhathala iyyanaar and Specifically there is (Guru) ,(ie) the idol of Sri Dakshinamoorthy seated on Dharbasana and Sahasralingeshwar.

There were two Nandhikeswarar, one which is inside the Thayumanvar temple facing Shiva which is small one and another is outside the Rockfort mountain, which is the biggest Nandhikeswarar is located on the western side facing Shiva , near to SomaRohini (ie) Teppakulam , it is the powerful Big Nandhikeswarar after the Tanjore Nandhi .Even the name of that street which is known as Nandhikovilstreet.

During ancient times Tiruchirappalli is also known as Thirisirapuram, further this place is known as Sirappalli, Rishabachalam & Dhakshina Kailasam.