Pazhamuthir Cholai

Lord Murugan, Pazhamuthir Cholai, Virtual Divine

Pazhamudhircholai, the hill temple of Lord Subramanya, abounds in natural wealth. Situated in dense forest atop Azhagarmalai, near Madurai, this temple can be reached by road. This shrine is located on a hill adjacent to the Kallazhagar Temple in the outskirts of Madurai, a fortified temple complex, revered as one of the 108 abodes of Vishnu glorified by the hymns of the Alwars. Also near Madurai is another of the Aarupadai Veedu shrines, Tirupparamkunram. This is at a distance of about 20 km from Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The temple of Muruga, Who is flanked by Valli and Teyvayanai, is located amidst quiet and beautiful landscape. At the top of the hill, is Noopura Ganga, a perennial waterfall with a temple dedicated to Raakkayi Amman. Azhagar Kovil, the temple of Sri Narayana, is also near Pazhamuthircholai.

It is here that the famous incident of Tamil poet Avvaiyar’s holy communion with the Lord took place. The holy drama of sutta pazham and sudatha pazham of Avvaiyar and Lord Subramanya occurred in Pazhamudhircholai. Since this place is full of trees, plants, fruits and flowers and resembles an orchard, it is called Pazhamudhircholai = pazham – fruits and cholai - orchard. The sthala vriksha is a rose apple tree.

Opening Times /Phone Numbers :

Morning : 6:00 AM to evening 6:00 PM
Phone : +91- 452-247 0228

Location :

Pazhamuthircholai is located just 21 KM from Madurai. Frequent Buses available from Madurai Central Bus Stand. Madurai Mattuthavani bus terminal can be reached from any part of Tamilnadu and Kerala. From there, local buses towards Thirumangalam and Thirunagar, stop at Tiruparanguram near the rail crossing outside the township. The journey typically takes less than an hour. Location Map: Click here

Railway Stations:

Madurai junction has direct connection to Chennai, Mumbai and many other important towns in India.


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