Murugan's Aaru Padai

Tirupparam Kundram

Lord Murugan, Tirupparam Kundram, Virtual Divine

Tirupparankundram, a hill five miles southwest of Madurai. It is one of the Aru Padai Veedugal or six sacred places selected by Lord Subrahmanya for his abode. Tiruppamkunram features rock cut shrines as well as mandapams lined with elaborately carved pillars. The importance of this temple is that here was associated with the divine marriage of Lord Murugan(Subrahmanya) with Devayanai(also known Tevayanai).

God Name : Subramanya, Godeess(Ambal) : Devayanai(The daughter of Indra)

There is a sacred tank known as Saravana Poygai in the temple precincts. It is a joy to see fish leaping in the tank and rushing to accept puffed rice (Pori) offered to them. Tirupparamkunram - a Tevara Paadal Petra Stalam. The shrine to Paramgirinathar in this Murugan temple has been revered by the hymns of the Nayanmars of the 1st millennium CE.

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Long, long ago, when Lord Subrahmanya was staying at Kanda Verpu, the two daughters of Lord Maha Vishnu, Amrita Valli and Sundara Valli, cherished the desire of becoming the consorts of Subrahmanya. With this aim in mind they both went to Saravana Poigai and commenced austere penance to fulfil their desires. Pleased with their prayer and worship, Lord Subrahmanya appeared before them and told Amrita Valli, "You will be brought up by Indra as his daughter and I shall marry you in due course." Her younger sister Sundara Valli was also graced with a similar blessing. She was born to sage Sivamuni and brought up by Nambi, the headman of Veddas. Amrita Valli took the form of a female child and went to Mount Meru, the abode of Indra, and told him, "I am the daughter of Maha Vishnu and the responsibility of looking after me has been entrusted to you." On hearing this, Indra became very happy and directed Airavatam, his white elephant, to take care of the child. The elephant with all love brought her up and affection and she attained the age of marriage in course of time. Hence she came to be known as Devayanai, one who was brought up by the heavenly elephant of Indra (yanai in Tamil means elephant).

The six sons of sage Parasara were cursed to become fishes in the Saravana Poigai. On request for redemption, these six boys were ordered to pray to Lord Subrahmanya. When they got his darshan, they could get redemption. It was also made known to them that Lord Subrahmanya would come to Tirupparankunram after vanquishing the demon Surapadma. Anxiously they waited for the arrival of Subrahmanya. When the mission of Subrahmanva to vanquish Surapadma was over at Tiruchendur, on his way, he came to this spot followed by all the devas and heavenly beings whom he had released from the untold miseries caused by Surapadma.

On his arrival at Tirupparankunram, the sons of Parasara received Subrahmanya and, at their request, he consented to stay there. He at once ordered Viswakarma to construct a beautiful abode for himself, for the devas and for others. He also suggested to the heavenly architect to build roads and erect a city around them. Indra, the king of the angels, desired to get his daughter Devayanai married to Subrahmanya, as a mark of his gratitude for relieving him and the devas from the depredations of the demon Surapadma. He expressed his desire to Brahma and Vishnu who were present there. They were only too glad to hear the proposal. When they communicated the desire of Indra to Lord Subrahmanya he readily agreed to it and said: "Devayanai has been praying at Saravana Poigai in the Himalayas for this happy marriage. Now the time has come for its being solemnised." As Subrahmanya agreed to this marriage, Indra sent a messenger to bring his wife Indrani and daughter Devayanai from Mout Meru.

The marriage took place at Tirupparankunram, after the victory of Subrahmanya over Surapadma. All arrangements for marriage were made and the marriage was performed at the Tirupparankunram Temple. All the devas, Siva and Parvati attended the marriage and blessed Subrahmanya and Devayanai. Since then, the temple has become a very famous abode of Subrahmanya.

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Morning : 5:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Evening : 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Phone : 0091- 452- 248 2248, 248 2648, 98653- 70393

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Thiruparankundram is located just 7KM from on Madurai to Kaniyakumari National Highway. Frequent Buses available from Madurai Central Bus Stand. Madurai Mattuthavani bus terminal can be reached from any part of Tamilnadu and Kerala. From there, local buses towards Thirumangalam and Thirunagar, stop at Tiruparanguram near the rail crossing outside the township. The journey typically takes less than an hour. Location Map: Click here

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Thiruparankundram, Madurai Madurai junction has direct connection to Chennai, Mumbai and many other important towns in India.


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